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  • First we try to make your site more ‘search-engine-friendly’. We edit your web pages so when a search engine 'spider' looks at your site, it will hopefully include in its index what you want to have included. For example, we will add or check existing ‘meta tags’. Meta tags are used to add information to the web page which is not visible when you view the page on the web. Meta tags can define keywords and picture descriptions and a short description of the site among other things.

  • You may supply your own keywords and keyword phrases for us to use on your behalf, or we can choose them for you. In general, keywords and keyword phrases should be the words or phrases  (search terms) someone looking for a site like yours might key in to a search engine. Note: because keywords are so easy to manipulate it is widely believed major search engines are no longer attaching weight to them in the evaluation of websites.

  • The visible text content of your pages is of prime importance in achieving good search engine response. We can optionally revise and/or reposition text where we think search engine spiders are most likely to accept it.

  • We give special manual attention to the major search engines, especially Google, Yahoo! and MSN. We submit your site to each of them individually in the way that we hope will give best results. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE SUBMISSION SERVICE. This individual attention distinguishes us from some other search submission services.

  • We also use a program to submit data about your site to a large number of lesser search engines. This is less important, although many cheap submission services make a lot of it, because it's easy to do and may sound impressive.

  • Another important factor the major search engines use in their evaluation process is who links to you. The more quality sites that link to you the better. This is something you can best influence yourself, by asking other site owners to link to you or exchange reciprocal links. Best potential is with other sites which have a similar target audience but are not competitors.

  • We monitor the results and your positions in the search engines regularly. At least every 2 months we repeat  the submissions to keep your entries refreshed. We will probably make keyword changes or other changes if the results have not been good.


We do our best, and we bring our experience to the job. For example we don't spam the search engines with countless automated submissions and get your site blacklisted! But we cannot force the search engines to list your site any particular way or at all. Also, you need to have realistic expectations. If you make lace lampshades, and entering keywords 'lace lampshades' into Googol generates nearly 3,000 hits, getting your site on page 1 will be tough.


Search engines now display prominently above or alongside their free results what are usually called SPONSORED LINKS. The way this usually works is you bid, say 10¢ per click-through, to appear in the sponsored results for a search term, say 'lace lampshades'. If someone else has bid 30¢ for this search term, their site will be listed above yours in the sponsored links when someone types in this search term. Sites that bid less will be below yours. If you bid too low you don't appear at all in the sponsored links. If your sponsored link is shown, for each person who clicks on it ("clicks through"), you have to pay 10¢, or whatever you bid..

If you want us to help with this, we will be happy to quote, but it is not part of our fixed-charge best-efforts Search Engine Submission Service.


We guarantee that your site will be submitted to the search engines as described above. We cannot guarantee results. No one can. Search engines are independent and free listings are at their sole discretion. We do our best for you. Beware of offers of guaranteed results or very low fees. Read the small print.

So if your site is well constructed, clearly focused, and tuned and submitted by Alligator, you are giving yourself a good chance at successful, hit-generating coverage by the search engines. For a very affordable price.

Alligator Search Engine Submission Service

$275.00 per year

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